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Gloria Wolk

The great First Amendment of the US does not protect anyone who has a lousy lawyer. I hired lawyers to defend me against a SLAPP. The complaint was devoid of specifics and would have been thrown out without leave to amend, but the lawyers wanted to know what the plaintiff thought was defamatory. The answer was a fiction, which could have been exposed if the lawyers used to prove that I never published what was claimed. They didn't--and I ended up in legal hell.

When I hired another lawyer to take over, he extorted money from me time and again, refusing to sign on to the case unless I paid him more, then more. Didn't tell me he had a vacation planned at the time of trial, then asked the judge to postpone the trial date, promising to sign on if the court did so. Then didn't sign on.

I doubt these attorneys view your site. They are not the kind who want to learn to be the best they can be, and to ensure that our legal system provides justice.

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