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Justin Patten

Thanks for getting involved in this one Matt and well done for getting commentfrom Sun Microsystems. I think it does make a lot of sense.

The only thing I will add is that blogging is an interative medium so there is potential for loss of control of conversation. I think this is what really puts the frighteners on firms about blogging.

Matt O'Neill

Interesting post there.

I've been in contact with Michael Dillon (General Counsel) over at Sun Microsystems. In response to a question I asked him about legal concerns around blogging, he replied with this:


Do I worry that someone might post
material confidential information that might impact our company?
Actually, I worry far less about blogs than I do emails. As you know,
it takes quite a bit of effort and thought to write an interesting post.
You also intend for it to be public. On the other hand, no one ever
thinks that their emails will be forwarded, especially externally.


Makes a lot of sense eh?


Matt O'Neill

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