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Justin Patten

Thanks for popping round again.
I think industry regulators are in a difficult position because there could be issues over confidentiality and maybe interference with administration of justice. I think blogs for informal dialogue is fine, it is just when you discuss specific matters you may have difficulties. I am lawyer and a blogger but generally I would not blog about my cases unless it is was critical from a PR perspective.
Long term, it will be critical that all our institutions blog and have dialogue with other parties. If you do not, credibility in the search engine domain will fall. Hope this helps.

Matt O'Neill

Another question:

When talking about the legal risks of blogging, we tend to look at it from the perspective of commercial (profit driven) organisations.

Just earlier today, I was debating with my business partner about whether industry regulators would consider blogging or not? Given that public facing communication is probably scrutanised by a hundred committees before being released, would they contemplate a dialogue with industry? Is it possible to have an informal dialogue with industry in that circumstance?

Any thoughts?

Matt O'Neill

Great post Justin.

The practical tips are extremely helpful!!


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