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Dina Beach Lynch


This is my first visit to your blog. Thanks for sharing such an essential and eloquent book. I plan to run right out and get my own copy!

On a totally different front, I wanted to introduce myself to you. Vickie has 'tagged' you for a meme I started, which you'll find at and Diane speaks so highly of you.

Thanks for taking a moment to respond to the question: can mediation go green? I'm sure you'll have an interesting take on it.


Dina Beach Lynch

Justin Patten

Thank you, Vickie and many congratulations on your blog birthday at Settle It Now.

Vickie Pynchon


I couldn't be happier to have introduced you to my good friend and mentor Ken Cloke. You write that the book is "the best . . . on mediation" not because of the "practical knowledge that can be applied but because it really challenges you to think about what conflict is really about . . . " I think you will find what I have found to be true about all of Ken's insights. They direct my practice the way the bed of a river guides its course. I'd be without direction in Ken's absence. Truly. This is mediation to save the planet. Thank you so much for passing it along. All best, Vickie

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